Outdoor upholstery
Outdoor upholstery


Garden Fabrics
The Garden Fabrics are ideal for outdoor design, as they offer a wide range of colors and beautiful, fresh and elegant designs, ideal for use as cushions, curtains or to decorate sofas or chairs on terraces and in gardens.

We have several types of fabrics available depending on what you need to make or create. For this reason, Garden Fabrics are a safe value when choosing fibers to cover the entrance of a company. This question is extremely important because the face of your business is the cover letter of your business. Therefore, you should take your time before deciding which substances will be visible outside your business.

Our history at Garden Fabrics

In the years, we have developed and produced high-resistance fabrics for outdoor use as part of our collection. Thanks to our experience and constant innovation, we can offer one of the most complete quality outdoor collections on the market.

Consult our collection of books for interior and exterior and discover all the fabrics in our Garden Fabrics. Our principle remains the same, to have the advanced technical fabrics necessary for our customers. Our long experience in manufacturing processes makes us experts on exterior and interior textiles. With the same passion and enthusiasm, we have never stopped including in our catalog an extensive range of home textiles for interior upholstery with 100% cotton fabrics and their blends in different textures and finishes, complying with the regulations required in the EU and USA for the Contract and Nautical sectors. We continue to make constant progress in the search for new materials, compounds and fibers on the international market, always being in contact with our clients so that they have precise products according to their needs and in accordance with their projects.

Our clients and friends have the full capacity of the JNB marine & contract textiles team to analyze and manage their needs and textile strategies and their accessories.

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