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Outdoor upholstery


Easy to clean fabrics
When we think about buying a sofa, armchair or any other piece of furniture for daily use, we want to know if the material with which it is made resists stains and is easy to clean. No one wants their new sofa to stop looking good if a little coffee is spilled, or after an afternoon of games. Over the years, much has evolved in this regard, and we now have “technological” fabrics at our disposal that offer additional advantages over traditional anti-stain treatments.

Easy to clean fabrics:

Far from being a mere surface protection, this type of fabric is made up of intelligent fibers that are capable of repelling some stains and dissolving them on contact with water, thus facilitating their quick and easy removal. Although it sounds like science fiction, to clean it you only need: remove the residue causing the stain from the surface, apply water directly or with a wet and wrung absorbent cloth and then wait a few seconds. Then, while pressing on the stain with a cloth, gently rub it on the fabric with circular movements…et voilà! You already have it. Even so, if the stain does not disappear on the first try, the process can be repeated as many times as necessary.

Our history at Easy to clean fabrics

JBN fabrics have proven stain resistance and durability for the best possible performance. JBN is the result of years of research and testing by upholsterers and textile technicians. At JBN, we strive to offer fabrics that are «ready for life», that is, capable of withstanding the vicissitudes of everyday life.

Consult our collection of books for interior and exterior and discover all the fabrics in our Easy to clean fabrics. Our principle remains the same, to have the advanced technical fabrics necessary for our customers. Our long experience in manufacturing processes makes us experts on exterior and interior textiles. We continue to make constant progress in the search for new materials, compounds and fibers on the international market, always being in contact with our clients so that they have precise products according to their needs and in accordance with their projects.

Our clients and friends have the full capacity of the JNB marine & contract textiles team to analyze and manage their needs and textile strategies and their accessories.

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